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Danny Bird - Drum and Bass

Danny Bird - Drum and Bass
Page web officielle de Danny Bird présent sur le label Hospital. Drum'n'Bass
Much like the Roman Spa his home town is renowned for; many have discovered the benefits of immersing themselves in the soulful productions of Danny Byrd. With less nudity required, and a reduced danger of contracting syphilis, plague, or leprosy, it is no wonder Danny Byrd has become Bath’s most cherished attractions

One of the very first artists to sign to Hospital – way back at the turn of the millennium, Danny Byrd's own inimitable take on soulful, vocal Drum and Bass has become a staple in the scene. His use of house and R&B influences immediately began turning heads with his first Hospital singles Do It Again and Changes. Then, later that year, when Radio One’s Fabio championed Danny’s remix of London Elektricity's Wishing Well, his status as a soulful DnB heavy-weight was confirmed. It’s always been about quality rather than quantity with Danny Byrd – with remixes for High Contrast and contributions to our “Weapons of Mass Creation” albums making up his select output. Since 2005 however, the Byrd man has found an unparalleled level of productivity, with the massive Soul Function and Dog Hill singles Hospital as well as contributions for Spearhead, V Recordings and Advanced.

With a growing reputation as one of the finest party DJs in the scene, Danny Byrd has been touring nonstop, taking him from Los Angeles to Paris, from Romania to Vienna, as well as closer to home at the Herbal & Heaven Hospitality nights. If you haven’t already heard his dynamic dubplate selection, you can check the technique on Disc 2 of the latest Weapons Of Mass Creation album.

Expressions enregistrées des moteurs

Expressions enregistrées des moteurs

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