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The Land Of Bass - Drum and Bass

The Land Of Bass - Drum and Bass
Site officiel du DJ Anglais, Mark S.

This D.J., he gets down and is regularly booked at events in England, from the Midlands to Birmingham, to London, down to Brighton. Currently resident at a few nights in and around Buckinghamshire. The Land Of Bass DJ has been mixing now and again on Pyro Radio for the past five/six years.

Played at The Sanctuary just over a year after experiencing DJ’ing to a crowd for the first time, at an U18’s night at Empire in Milton Keynes, October ’99. Stepped on a plane to play four times now, in Amsterdam July '02 (18th Birthday set) and May '07 (also played in Dordrecht, South Holland June '07), and in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC Sep '05 and Dec '06. Recently played at Random Concept in the RAW room at air in Birmingham, and in the past has mixed at Ministry of Sound a couple of times, The Coronet in Elephant & Castle, and Sappo’s show on BBC 1xtra. This Headbanger is now a member of Cutterz Choice from south of the river!

A few mixes have been done in the past using the 33 speed button on one track, when the tracks in the mix are on 45. Sampling, or ‘freaking’, selected sounds of a track, on 33 instead of 45, is another, but much more simple, trick in the land. Check out the bottom of thelandofbass audio for a some clips of this!

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