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Zagato - Design

Zagato - Design
Site officiel de Zagato.

A commercial division of Industrial Design, Zagato Oltre, has been developed since 1990 by Andrea Zagato in order to provide services like style research and design in line with the philosopy of Functionalism whether a means of transport or a consumer product.
Market research, planning, design, feasibility studies, virtual rendering, model and prototype manufacturing and communication.
Zagato oltre works with prominent intarnational brands in the following industrial sectors:

Four whells cycles (ISO) - Motorcycles (Yamaha) - Railroad (Bombardier) - Forklifter (OM-Pimespo) - Agricoltural equipements (New Holland) - Boats (Aicon, Cranchi) - Motorhome (SEA).

Telephony systems (Telecom-Siemens) - Household appliances (Boffi) - Electrotechnics
(Grundig) - Information techonolgy - Watchmaking (Ebel) - Interior Design (Artemide, B&B, Cassina) - Fashion (Isetan).

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