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Fiovaranti - Design

Fiovaranti - Design
Site officiel de Fiovaranti.
The company was set up in 1987 as an architectural practice working on the Japanese market, designing homes in Tokyo and several clubhouses for golf courses in the Tokyo area.
In 1991 the Fioravanti diversify the activities into services to the automotive industry, focusing in particular on transport and industrial design. Company expresses its philosophy in three concepts:
to design is to engrave upon reality
style is a means of perception
to perceive innovative concepts through awarness of the past.

Company is certified
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000

The company headquarters are housed in Moncalieri, an historic town lying in the Piedmont foothills outside the city of Turin, Italy.

By choosing to work out of a building dating back to the 13th -16th centuries, the company is underlining its corporate philosophy: innovative conceptual design in all fields of transport, using leading-edge technology (CAS, CAD, CAM, CFD) in an ambience permeated with the creative beauty of old-world Italy.

C.E.O. Leonardo Fioravanti worked twenty-four years with Pininfarina, where he personally designed some of the most famous Ferrari road cars and became Managing Director and General Manager of Pininfarina's research arm, Pininfarina Studi & Ricerche.
During the years 1988-1991 he was with the Fiat Group, first as deputy General Manager at Ferrari and then as head of Fiat's design centre.

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