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David Lachapelle

David Lachapelle
Site officiel du célèbre photographe David Lachapelle.

Mode, publicité et photos d'Art.
David LaChapelle est né en 1963 dans le Connecticut aux États-unis.

C'est un photographe et réalisateur américain connu dans les domaines de la mode, de la publicité et de la photographie d'Art.

Son 忖vre, emprunte de surréalisme et d'humour, reste très influencée par la pornographie.

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menu header exhibitions series film books about contact byテつdan piepenbring テつdecember 18 2017 テつ テつ info a徇iley cyrus my self made prison yet there is light i must go towards what i know to be right a 2017 david lachapelle made his name by shooting celebrities colliding with consumer detritus baubles flowers and fame recombining in delirious explosions of color in the nineties and early aughts his slick aesthetic which lifts lavishly from christian pageantry and renaissance painters was inescapable splashed across fashion editorials advertisements and music videos by 2007 having been derided in some quarters as a vapid commercialist hea囘 left the business and absconded to maui where he lived off the grid at a shuttered nudist colony in a recent interview withテつtheテつguardian he said that hea囘 needed to escape the a徘ropagandaa embedded in his work a彿 never wanted to shoot another pop star as long as i lived a he said a彿 was tortured by them two hefty new books of lachapellea冱 photographs a徑ost found part ia and a徃ood news part ii a are marked by that torment hea冱 said that these will be his final publications compiling old and new work some of it previously unpublished the books are teeming with very popular people nicki minaj miley cyrus whitney houston doing very unpopular things standing nude in front of tanks getting nosebleeds no one could accuse lachapelle of subtlety but looking through the volumes i was surprised to discover that his…


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