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Plume Noire - Webzine Ciné
Webzine International sur le Cinéma !
Based in the Los Angeles area, Plume Noire is an English/French Webmagazine specialized in cinema as well as a varied and international music selection. Travel chronicles, features and cultural articles are also included.

The site built its reputation on thorough film analyses and offers a demanding vision of cinema that finds its richness in the blending of cultures and genres.

What makes Plume Noire unique in the encumbered universe of Web sites is that it is a transcultural collective of writers. It is their cultural differences, their various artistic inclinations and their nuanced ideas that are the essence of Plume Noire. Having collaborated at one moment or another in the worlds of cinema, music, theater and magazines, they bring their expertise and share the same taste for words and reflection.

Access to numerous film screenings, concerts, and other events, from Los Angeles to Paris, allows us greater freedom for the content of the site. Our editorial choices are based on what captures and merits our attention without having to promote artists or works that do not correspond with our editorial line. is updated regularly, several times a week according to the cultural current events. Our efforts also go to site design, whether it is for aesthetics or easier navigation. A film newsletter including all our latest reviews is sent every week.

Around 140,000 readers trust Plume Noire each month, and this success further encourages us to work hard to continue our progress and to impose our presence and vision on the Web.

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